Have questions about our mission, planned service or goals going forward?  Below are some frequently asked questions we've received.  If your question is not answered please use the Contact Us link at the top of the page and we will get back to you soon.

How will the internet be delivered to my home?

Our internet will be delivered to your home through radio waves, similar to how your cell phone receives its signal.  Your home will have an antenna aimed at our tower and that will create the wireless connection needed to access the internet.

Where does your internet source come from?

Our tower that delivers the internet to your home is fed from fiber.  Fiber allows us to have access to a fast internet connection which is shared with all of our members.

What kind of equipment will I need?

To receive the signal from the tower we will need to have a small dish style antenna aimed directly at the tower.  If line of sight is not optimal we may need to increase the height of the dish with a pole or other means.  Line of sight means that you need to have a clear, unobstructed visual of the tower. You will also have a router/modem inside that home that will be the source of your home Wifi.

Will there be high latency; can I play online games and/or work from home?

Because the distance from your home to the tower is relatively short the latency will be low, allowing you to play your favorite games online and have a great remote desktop/vpn connection to work from home.

What if I am not in your current service area?

We do not intend to stop expanding – we will be adding additional towers as needed to serve many communities.  Our mission is to deliver internet to as many residents and businesses as possible.  If your home does not have a line of sight to our current towers, please contact us (fill out the Contact Us form and RBC will get in touch with you). We would love to work with you to deliver internet to you and your neighbors.

Do you have data caps?

Typically, data caps limit the total amount of data uploaded and downloaded. Our internet plans DO NOT limit the total amount of data downloaded and uploaded. However, our plans DO limit the speed at which you download and upload data. See the pricing plans for an explanation of the offered speeds.

Which Pricing Plan is best for me?

The Simple Email / Web Surfing Plan offers reliable internet speeds that easily support every-day web page surfing, checking email, and watching one internet streaming TV broadcast at a lower resolution.

The Standard Internet Service Plan offers a reliable high-speed internet connection that supports online gaming, high-definition streaming TV broadcasts, and households with numerous PC, laptop, phone, TV connections.

Business Internet needs are likely best served with the Standard Internet Service Plan.

Will the service be reliable?

We are non-profit and our motto is customer service. We are in business for the membership. This service is engineered to be extremely reliable. We anticipate downtime to be very minimal.

How are you different than my current provider?

We are non-profit member-owned and locally operated. We exist to provide the membership
with reliable internet service. We use radio signals rather than cable (DSL) or satellites to provide
quality broadband internet service.